Rob Cosman's Professional Tenon Saw

Rob Cosman's Professional Tenon Saw

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“I have been teaching woodworkers to cut the mortise and tenon joint for years, the biggest problem I have witnessed was their inablilty to saw accurately, more often than not it's the saw not the sawyer.”

I not only make these saws, I also test each one so you can enjoy it “box to bench”.

Unique features of Rob’s tenon saw include;

  • start the kerf easily with the Super Fine 20 tpi starting tip, then gain the speed you need for heavy cuts with the 12 tpi blade - we eased the angle of the cutting face a few degrees to reduce the grabbing that accompanies larger saw teeth
  • our very slight .002” (per side) set makes for dead straight saw cuts and smooth ready to glue surfaces - the blade is 12 inches long and offers 2 ¾ depth of cut and is .025” thick for a little extra stiffness.
  • the extra weight of this saw provides better balance and helps reduce sawing vibration
  • balanced and durable “ebony resin” composite handle featuring memory enhancing carved finger recesses. For an additional charge, large handles available on request
  • in “old world” style, the saw comes packed in a sturdy pine crate made here in our shop
  • peened and flushed copper pins help secure the blade to the brass back
  • a pair of brass split nuts secure the handle to the blade and also to the brass back