Hand Planes with Rob Cosman

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This 90 minute DVD is designed to help you get your new plane from the box to the bench in minutes! This is our first in-house production, we plan to produce a lot more covering narrow topics too costly for professional production. While the video/audio quality is not as good as my other DVDs, we think you will find great value in the content and at these much lower prices.
  • which planes (1 thru 8) do I need?
  • do new planes need flattening and how do I tell?
  • do I need to "tune up" a new plane?
  • how do I quickly sharpen blades?
  • which stones are best?
  • why adjust the throat?
  • how do I keep edges square?
  • how best to hold a plane?
  • how do I plane end grain?
  • how is a shooting board used?
  • how do I make a shooting board?
  • what about block planes?