Upcoming Workshops

“TRAINING THE HAND 1” : November 13-17 and November 20-24

Monday 8am -8pm,  “Essentials of free hand sharpening”

  • stone preparation, flattening, truing and maintaining your stones
  • free hand sharpening plane blades for smoothers, blocks, jointers, shoulder and scrub planes
  • free hand sharpening of chisels including grinding primary bevels, back preparation and honing secondary and tertiary bevels
  • free hand sharpening of dovetail saws

Tuesday 8am – 8pm “Plane basics”

  • squaring the edge using several planes, block, smoother and jointer
  • straightening a long edge using the jointer plane in preparation for a glue joint
  • truing end grain using the block plane and using a jack or foreplane on the shooting board
  • smoothing a wide board with a smoother, no plane tracks, ready for a finish

Wednesday 8am – 8pm “dimensioning lumber”

  • rough stock to finished board using the scrub plane, winding sticks, jointer and smooth plane
  • marking gauges and planes the old way, learning to work in thousands of an inch with hand tools. Often wonder how they did it?, you are about to learn!
  • flat, smooth and square on all six surfaces

Thursday 8am – 8pm “Hand cut dovetails”

  • saw-cut to saw-cut dovetails, no test fit, no paring!
  • thru dovetails straight from the saw, layout, stock preparation and sawing skills
  • fancy hounds tooth or mitered edge dovetails, your choice

Friday 8am – 8pm “Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon”

  • hand cutting the hidden M&T joint, the under-appreciated furniture work horse

Where We Teach, For the past few years we have been hosting the workshops at the Heartland Forest Center, located on the outskirts of Niagara Falls, surrounded by multiple acres of forests, the facility is fully wheel chair accessible. We have lots of room, windows on opposite sides allow for a nice cross breeze if we don't need the A/C. Washrooms are close and spacious, the facility is secure so our tools are safe when we are not on site. Driving time to the Buffalo, NY airport is approx 45 minutes and about an hour to the Hamilton, ON airport. https://www.heartlandforest.org/facility-rentals/

Where We Stay, There are plenty of hotels, campgrounds and motels in the area however the Peninsula Inn and Resort is the closest and for the past several years they have given us great "off season" rates. It is minutes from the shop, just off the QEW highway and close to several restaurants, department stores, hardware stores and grocery stores. http://www.peninsulainn.com/d7/

Materials, there is a significant amount of materials needed for the 5 day workshops, we include that in the “Training the Hand 1” workshop.

Cost, we cut our teeth on the small scale workshops we taught this past summer, learned a lot, some of it the hard way. The tuition for the week long classes is as follows;

  • Training the Hand 1, (60 plus hours) $1495.00 (USD). Wood package is $30.00, we use a combination of White Pine, Poplar and Black Walnut, this is milled in my shop in New Brunswick, flat and square!

To Register please contact us at rob@robcosman.com or call toll free 1-877-967-5966. A deposit of $750.00 is required to hold your spot, this can be paid with PayPal, credit card or cheque. There is a lot of prep work that goes into an event like this and we have to be able to depend on a full class to make it all work.