Mission Statement

Our mission is to share the peace and joy obtained through the craftsmanship of hand tool woodworking with the world. We do this by designing and making fine hand tools, providing quality training and encouraging excellence.


"I bought one of your dovetail saws at my local Woodcraft store. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the saw. I must say it is the “Real Deal”. Everything you said about it in your videos is true. I have Veritas, Ln, and Adria dovetail saws. The search for the perfect saw for me has ended. It has taken my dovetails to the next level. It makes me smile every time I pick it up. Well done!"

Frank Woodcox, Columbus, Ohio

I just wanted to say thanks again for a great 2-day course on dovetails. Ever since I spoke to you by phone a couple years ago, I've wanted to take one of your courses. And you did not disappoint. There was no doubt that you're a master craftsman - but teaching is an entirely different skill. You have a tremendous talent for connecting with people and making them eager to learn - and an equally great talent for being able to describe what you do in ways that people can easily understand. I've proudly showed off my dovetails to family and friends - and I can't wait to get back at it. Thanks so much for the lessons and the inspiration. I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope our paths cross again.


When a fighter pilot slips into the seat of a F-16 Falcon, it fits to perfectly that they say it feels like an extension of their body. Recently I have purchased two of your saws. As a 100% service connected disabled veteran, I do not find many tools that work for me - until now. I truly understand what that pilot feels like because your saws fit my hands so well, it feels like an extension of my arm and not just a tool to do a job. The quality is unmatched. Thank you for making such a quality product.

Rob Abbott, Veteran

"A good coach helps you improve. A great coach brings thing out in you that you never knew you had.
Rob Cosman is a great coach."

Laurence Lance

“In my 18 years as a university Professor, I have seldom met a better teacher. In less than two days, I went from never have held a dovetail saw to creating half-blind dovetails with confidence. Rob Cosman's ability to share his knowledge is extraordinary.”

Herbert Maschner, PhD

"I took Rob Cosman's woodworking class to gain hands on experience and instruction in sharpening and working with handtools. Rob is a talented artisan with a teaching approach that encourages and builds self-confidence. This was an excellent workshop experience."

Richard Joslin, MD

"I went to a week long course and worked hard ( I am an amateur woodworker) Even after I returned from the intensive course, I still struggled to cut through dovetails. I then employed the techniques on your DVD. My very first through dovetail was near perfect. When I saw your website on the first DVD, I then had to order three more."

Andrew T. C.

"I have your "Hand Planing and Sharpening" and "Rough to Ready" Dvds and found them a tremendous help, thank you for all the hard work that went into them."

Tony F.

"I've been following your teaching for years. I bought your first video when it came out and have purchased all those that followed. As a matter of fact, this order replaces the VHS tapes I already own. I LOVE your book. People may erroneously believe this to be just a duplication of the videos in book form. It is so much more than that. The very detailed photos and explanatory text make this a valuable companion to the videos. The care taken in producing this book is consistent with the impeccability shown in your woodworking craftsmanship."

Rick H.

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